Monday, August 4, 2008

It's done!

Well, here are the first pics of the completed scarf.

So there it is: "One Perfect Rose"

I was going to place two 3-d rose squares, one at each end, but Dorothy Parker's poem "One Perfect Rose" kept repeating in my head and I decided to put just one 3-d rose as the second motif on one side and not balance with another on the other side.

Now, for anyone who knows how symmetrically-minded I am, you know that this was a major step away from my comfort zone. I'm very pleased with the results, though, so I may have to spend less time obsessing in my quest for symmetry. Now, when Chris gets home from Jury Duty, I'll have him take pics of me in the scarf (in the nice hot sunlight, ugh) and post it to my store. Hooray!

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