Friday, June 22, 2007

Luna Sweater

So looking around online at images from the new Harry Potter movie, I fell in love with this sweater that Luna Lovegood wears. When yahoo groups Harry Potter Craft group set a challenge to recreate something from the film, I chose to work on this. Well, let's just say that designing a pattern based on two or three pictures is not an easy task. It took five days to make, three spent starting and restarting, but I finally got something. The pattern still needs a little work, but given the fact that I'm at least four sizes bigger than the actress and I can never make it look perfect for me, I think it looks pretty good.

Of course, this morning I ran across another picture I hadn't seen and found out what I'd done wrong! Well, back to the drawing board. (I still like it though)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Jolly Roger part 2

The scarf is more than half finished! I made a small change to the Jolly Roger, but you'd never notice and drastically changed the lettering. It's so big it's hard to get a good picture since you have to take it at an angle to see the design. Here are the best pics I got:

I'm so proud! I'll try to get better pics once it's finished.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Jolly Roger Scarf part 1

So I decided to knit Chris something a little unusual. I'm making an illusion knit scarf with a Jolly Roger. I looked a couple patterns and ended up deciding to make my own, so I had to start with swatches. Here's the Jolly Roger:

I also decided I wanted it to say ARRR! So here are the letters (the R still needs a little work):

Now I just have to perfect the pattern, figure out how to get it to stop curling, and get the right yarn. Piece of cake! More pictures later.