Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How do you feel in your skin?

I'm just disgusted with the state of the attitude of the world today. I had to turn off Rachael Ray today because I was just getting so upset and depressed.

They were talking about women who'd lost a lot of weight and finally felt "like the person they always were inside." One woman retook her wedding pictures because she'd been so upset on her actual wedding day that she hadn't even invited anyone. Now that she'd lost a bunch of weight she wanted to capture the memory of herself as a beautiful bride.

That's a lovely sentiment in some ways, but the thing that upset me is that we weren't addressing the real problem. I think that losing weight and getting healthy is a great thing. My problem is that you can't say one day that people need to have self-esteem and be happy with who they are then turn around the next day and say that you can't really be happy until your skinny!

Make up your minds!

Do we need to be happy with who we are or who we want to be? I'd like to be thinner. I think I would look better thinner and I'm not exactly jumping in front of the camera now, but I'm still happy with who I am.

I'm just tired of the mixed messages. Getting healthy is great. That doesn't mean you need to be tiny. Some people are not meant to be tiny. You can't live your life waiting for the moment when everything you see in the mirror becomes everything you want to see!

So, I guess the question is, does everyone want self-esteem to be based on who you are or how you look?

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