Monday, January 11, 2010

How to Feel Settled

I think I finally figured out why I don't feel settled in the apartment yet. It's not the huge stacks of boxes in the computer room. I've been working on the laptop in the living room, so I don't see them on a daily basis. It's not the boxes in the kitchen or the living room. There aren't many of them to bother me. It's not the little everyday things I keep realizing we don't have anymore like a vaccuum cleaner (because of the stupid storage room thieves) or a toilet brush (because we had one of those disposable ones and just haven't unpacked the handle or replaced the pads yet).

It's the kitchen. The dishes are unpacked. Most of the pots and pans and utensils are unpacked. We have the microwave, the tea kettle, our brand new coffee maker (thanks, Andy, awesome Christmas present, btw).

We don't have any sugar. We don't have chocolate chips or self-rising flour or yeast or anything I need for baking. Last night I was struck by a sudden need to bake something. Cookies or cupcakes or something sweet and I couldn't do it. Yes, I know, the last thing I need to do is bake up a batch of cookies or cupcakes when there are only two of us to eat them, but sometimes it's about making them rather than eating them. Not for long, but initially it is. We got some Bisquick at Sam's Club, so I can make some pancakes, but I can't make chocolate chip pancakes. And we only have a few bottles of spices. I want to bake some bread or something, but it's just such a pain to get everything together when you aren't starting with some of it in the cupboards.

So that's when I'll feel settled. When there's sugar in the cupboard.

Friday, January 1, 2010


A few of my friends have been asking what everyone New Year's resolutions are. As for me, I have many resolutions because I can't narrow anything down in any part of my life. But here's my major resolution:

Not to tell the world what my resolutions are so that I don't have to own up to it when I inevitably fail.

There, now stop asking, everyone! :)