Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Warning: Impending Rant

Wow, I am so lax about posting to this blog. Luckily tonight I'm just pissed off enough to have to write something. I just got a message on etsy that basically told me one of my chokers was overpriced. Way overpriced. Something about how they would be willing to pay up to $20 for my 30 some-odd hours of work, but $100 was out of their price range. Oh, and as if it were possible they threw in "no offense." Well, offense definitely taken. I understand that there aren't enough people out there who understand how delicate and time-consuming tatting is. This is I've started adding to the listing that the large pieces all day over 20 hours of work. This is a low-ball estimate for some pieces. I guess I just don't understand how you can basically tell me that my piece isn't worth the price I'm charging and expect me not to take offense. You expect me to take less than $1 per hour for skilled work and not be offended.

Ugh, I can't even respond to the message because I'm so angry it would be needlessly snippy.

Oh, and Eliza Dushku was nominated for a Scream award for best actress for Dollhouse when she is the one thing that makes that show nearly unwatchable. How can you play a character that's supposed to be able to change into whoever/whatever is called for when you play the same person in every episode and don't even do that very well. This has been a night of disappointments.