Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Do You Do?

I know all of you out there are thinking how awful it must be to have your hubby working all day on Valentine's Day, leaving you alone to entertain yourself. What do you do when you're alone on V-Day? I'll tell you.

You watch your husband get ready to go to work and whine at him and make him feel bad about leaving you alone. (Well, you try to make him feel bad, but he's so annoyingly level-headed it doesn't work so you get mad at him instead.)

You sit in bed wondering what to do with yourself. You do this for a while.

You get up, get online and spend a few hours messing around, promoting your shop, blogging, etc. You get bored with this.

You put a chick flick your hubby doesn't like watching in the DVD player and gather supplies to make a silly sock creature out of Valentine's socks given to you for that purpose.

You get annoyed when you can't find the socks and fire off an angry text message to hubby at work accusing him of losing/hiding the socks.

You find the socks in plain sight and send an apologetic text message.

As you watch chick flick, you create a strange creature and then get annoyed with it when it won't tell you its name or story.

You give up on Valentine's Day altogether and do family stuff for the next few hours. When you get home again, you fall and twist your knee, thus ruining the next few days as well. You curse Valentine's Day and all who celebrate it and become bitter and cynical (well, more bitter and cynical).

The next day, you post about it in your blog and hope that makes you feel a little better.

It does ;)

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Angie said...

Hope your knee gets better soon and that your Valentine's Day got celebrated after your husband came home.