Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Juggling Geese!

I decided to do French knots for the eyes, mainly because I didn't want to try and pick out beads and deal with sewing them on. I have one finished goose and 5 waiting to be stuffed. I can't stuff them yet, because I was not specific enough went I sent hubby out to get supplies. I neglected to say that I needed nude colored knee highs or footies. I stuff the poly pellets into the toe of the nylons so that they don't try to escape through the knit fabric. If he'd brought home off white, it would have worked, too. Unfortunately, he grabbed off black which will show through too much, so the little goslings are just sitting there with unfinished seams honking at me because they want to be finished. Sigh. Maybe he'll get it right tonight ;)

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