Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'll admit it . . .

I love bad movies. I like good movies too, but I really love bad movies. There are movies that I'm horrified with myself for liking. Movies with no cinemagraphic or artistic merit. Movies with bad writing, bad acting, bad directing, bad everything. Movies that don't even have a cult following that I can hide behind. Movies that aren't simply so bad they're funny, they're just bad. Yet every time I see one of these movies on television, I have to watch it. Sometimes, when it's late and I don't recognize the person behind the counter at the rental store, I'll even pay money for the privilege of watching one of these movies.

I'd never actually own a copy of any of these movies for fear that someone may find it and know that I like it. I'm afraid that one day I may accidentally quote a line from one and then my secret will be revealed. I know that there is no reason on earth for me to enjoy watching them, but I do. I can't stop myself.

Let me illustrate with an example so that you can understand my problem.

I love Troop Beverly Hills. Don't ask me why. There is no reason that I should enjoy this movie. It's terrible. But I will not pass it by if I see it. I've encouraged others to see it on occasion. My shame is great.

Perhaps there's a support group or treatment center than can someday help me rid myself of this terrible demon. Until then, I will bear the weight of it.

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