Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aren't they sweet?!

I love this pattern. I love it so much, I'm going to start selling it! Of course everyone I know who crochets seems to be busy in the immediate future, so I found a couple people on etsy who are willing to test the pattern for me. It works up so fast and is so much fun to experiment with.

But seriously, don't you just love this afghan?

This is the first one, Creamsicle Dreams. The orange yarn came from Big Lots! Awesome deal! It has a pearly white stripe running through it and it just made me think of a Dreamsicle (Chris insists they're creamsicles not dreamsicles, hence the name).

Someone liked it so much that this one is a special order! My first custom order on etsy! This one is Bubblegum Dreams. It made me think of bubble gum sherbet and those Pink Panther pops I used to get from the ice cream truck with the bubble gum eyes. I miss those.

So there they are the first two afghans made from one of my patterns and the first pattern I'm going to start selling on etsy, as soon as it goes through the editorial process with a few sets of eyes other than mine. I just hate getting patterns with typos or that don't make sense!

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