Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer's Colorful Snowfall

I named the pendant pattern I created a few days ago Neige because it looked like a snowflake. Well, there's a sprinkling of more snow around here!

Neige Soleil Pendant

Admittedly, that's where my memory of French classes gave out and I didn't feel like looking up translations, so . . .

Neige Tropical Punch Pendant

Those are the only two I've listed so far, but there are two and a half more and I've still got lots of interesting thread colors! I need to write this pattern down soon so that I don't forget it. That means I have to figure out where my tatting journal has disappeared to. Why do things always run off and hide when I need them?

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sarah louise said...

hello! i've admired your pretty tatting on etsy for a while. (your summer snowflakes are beautiful!) (o: i was glad to discover that you have a blog! to me, tatting is one of the few things in life that makes sense... tho' i still don't quite understand how something so beautiful can be made out of a ball of thread & a bunch of knots! please feel free to visit my blogs anytime ( and
my name on etsy is stillplayinghouse. it's nice to meet you! i hope you have a great week. (o: sarah