Friday, June 5, 2009

Gotta Love the Internet!

My best friend from childhood found me on Facebook and I feel like I've gotten a piece of my childhood and myself back. It's hard to explain what that means. I guess that when you've lost as many people as I have in my life, you start to feel like no one remembers who you were once upon a time. Does that make sense? Between moving around, changing schools, changing family situations, I don't have many ties to who I was when I was very young.

Besides, do you ever forget your first best friend? I don't think you do. That's a very strong bond. I'm so excited I think I might burst! It's nice to reconnect with someone you cared and still care about and to know that you haven't been forgotten either. You can tell I'm excited because I'm babbling even in print! Now I'm going to stop babbling and go work on productive things for church puppet team. Oh, and breakfast, there should be breakfast. Food is good.

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