Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Babydoll!

We finished! Through the combined efforts of my in-laws, my usually working sewing machine, and myself, we finished my hubby's birthday present in time for his birthday today! Meet Hugh:

Chris has been saying for a while that he wanted a puppet of his own. He had an idea to have a newscaster who could do the between portions of the church puppet programs and even have a few skits of his own. We have a few skit ideas in mind, but nothing fleshed out yet.

Well, I grilled him for a little while to get an idea of exactly what he was thinking of and teamed up with my father-in-law who knows how to make puppets and leads the puppet team. The sewing was done by me, and he put it together.

Chris was thrilled with his present and Hugh was happy to have a life and purpose.

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