Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Sooo . . . . Not dressing up today. Nowhere to go to get dressed up for. :( But, went to a party last Saturday. We weren't sure if we were going at first, so the costume was kind of last minute. I'll improve on it before next year when we'll get to have a zombie movie marathon again! (Prom themed zombie party, it'll be great! 1st annual Prombie next year guys, be ready ;) Anyway, here I am as a zombie prom queen:

I didn't get a chance to destroy the dress and sash as much as I wanted to. I was too busy trying to make the sash in the first place and alter the dress to fit me. The make-up was also supposed to be a lot better, but I didn't have the best things to work with.

As I did my make-up, I had a real "You know you're a theatre geek when . . . " kind of moment.

You know you're a theatre geek when being forced by the state of the economy to go from Estee Lauder to Cover Girl in your every day make-up isn't as traumatizing as having to go from Ben Nye to Wal-Mart make-up for Halloween!

It was very sad. I wanted to have great big hole in my cheek made up to look like it went all the way to the bone, but cheap scar wax is terrible. It was so soft I couldn't get it to cooperate at all. I was very disappointed.

I still looked pretty good though. If I do say so myself. Not bad for a $15 dress that was three sizes too small ;)

Happy Halloween, everyone!