Sunday, August 19, 2007

Project Overload

So, as usual, I have my hands full with ongoing projects. I got an order a couple weeks ago for two baby sets. I've finished the sweaters and hats for both, but now I have to make two afghans to go with them. The knit one is going to take forever! I also finally started a secret project. It's a wedding present, so there won't be any pictures until I'm sure it's reached its destination. Of course, it's already going to be very late, but etiquette says that I have a year to get it done. It's the biggest project of its kind that I've ever undertaken. Just guessing from my progress so far, I'd say it will take well over 200 hours. But it's going to be awesome! I've also got a little sample purse going with a student. I just have to get to the same point I told her to get to by Thursday. And of course there are still boxes to unpack and things to organize. And we're planning to have everyone over on Saturday. Of course, so far only two people are coming so I'm not going to stress about it yet. All these things to do and I'm sitting at the computer. Probably not the best plan. Oh well, gotta take a break now and then.

Oh, and I was watching Animal Planet and found out that baby ostriches are too cute! Okay, time to do something constructive again.

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