Monday, August 2, 2010

Different World Views

The hubby and I are sitting here watching tv when that stupid commercial comes on with the guy talking about how he loves all the best things in life but also likes saving money. What is that commercial for anyway? I never remember, therefore, it's completely ineffective. But I digress.

So my hubby watches it for the tenth or so time and starts going on about having a problem with the set-up. Hiss problem is that the slender gorgeous woman hands the guy a tray that has a remote balancing on a stack of gold bricks. He's not sure he could even pick up all those gold bricks, much less this skinny little woman balancing them in one hand.

While he's going on about this, I'm watching the commercial for the twentieth time or so and as it draws to a close, all I'm thinking is: "I want a tiny little giraffe!"

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