Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stash Finds and Happy Times!

Hooray! I finally made a sale on etsy! I feel validated at last!

Anyway, I found the cutest little beads tucked away in a box of craft supplies the other day. I've had them for about 10 years (wow, now I feel old). They're precious little glass hearts with various hues of pink kind of swirled together in them. Okay, I really don't like pink, but I just had to find something to do with these beads since I don't know if I'll ever find any like them again (and won't be looking particularly hard). Voila!

I called them Princess earrings because they kind of remind me of jewels in a fairy princess crown. (Yes, I realize how cheesy that is. I've come to terms with it. Deal with it and move on.)

The pictures don't do them justice! The big beads in the drop are the little hearts. I love these earrings and I don't even like pink!

Oh, I also love these:

I made them because I wanted to find a use for some fuchsia bugle beads I have lying around. I think I'm going to have to make them in another color or two. I just love how the pattern turned out. The scan turned out better than the picture. You can see it in my shop. Sorry, takes waaaay too long to deal with pictures on dial-up.

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